Rush FAQs

What Is Rush?

Rush is a week meant for you to come by the house and meet the brothers and make some friends. The events are usually casual, and food is usually on us! If we have an event that is not at the house, we will provide transportation from the house for you. For information on our Rush Week schedule, visit our "Rush Week" page.

When Is Rush Held?

Rush is held for one week during the beginning of Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.

How Do I Know Where To Rush?

Every house possesses something different. By Rush Week, you will want to have your choices narrowed down to 3 or 4 fraternities you are interested in based on your personal research. During Rush Week, utilize your time with the brothers of those houses to choose your favorite based on the fraternity's values and the brothers you meet.

Do I Have To Join If I Rush?

NO. Attending Rush events imposes no obligation on you whatsoever. However, if you DO plan on joining a fraternity, it should be in your best interest to attend as many Rush events as possible in order to get to know everyone.

After Rush, How Do I Join A Fraternity?

In most cases, the fraternity extends a bid to individuals who have shown genuine interest in membership and represent what the fraternity stands for. A bid is an invitation to membership, which you can accept, decline, or hold for usually up to a year. Upon accepting your bid, the fraternity you have chosen to pledge will provide you with the next steps.

Do I Have To Go To Rush To Get A Bid?

You are usually not required to attend Rush to get a bid, but it certainly helps. Rush is the best way to meet the brothers face-to-face and gather valuable information about the fraternity, as well as have all your questions answered. Phi Kappa Theta practices dynamic recruitment, which means although the majority of our bids go out during Rush Week, we do hand out bids as we see fit to individuals who have shown similar interest in joining but have not necessarily made it to a Rush event.

How Much Does Rush Cost?

Our Rush is designed to be FREE for you. We provide and/or pay for your meal at the event, and provide transportation to the event if needed.

Any Other Questions?

If your question has not been covered here, please email us at and ask us personally!